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Doug Ford isn’t for you.
He’s just projecting an image.

He’s not for workers.

Doug Ford pretends he’s for the little guy, but in reality, he only says the right things when it’s election season. In the last four years, he’s done very little to support those who have been affected the most by the pandemic. Thousands of workers have lost their jobs and have been left without proper support.

Ford cancelled permanent paid sick days, forcing many Ontarians to make the choice between paying the bills and working while sick. The Conservatives also wrote and passed Bill 124, which limits wage increases for public service workers—at a time when they’ve never been more needed.

Time and time again, Doug Ford has let workers down. This election, we can’t fall for his false image.

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He abandoned us as the cost of living rises.

Life has gotten more expensive, but wages haven’t kept up. In fact, Ford has been keeping them down. Initially, he cancelled a planned $15 minimum wage increase. He eventually caved to the pressure in 2021, increasing it to $15, three years too late. This is not only much lower than the rest of Canada, but is nowhere near enough to live comfortably in Ontario. It’s clear that Ford does not care about guaranteeing that Ontarians can take home a liveable wage.

It doesn’t stop there. Doug Ford cut rent control in 2018 for new buildings, letting developers and landlords hike up prices for everyday renters. He also cut support for people living with disabilities and waited too long to introduce a child care program. At every turn, he says he wants to make life easier…. but for who, his rich friends?

No matter what he says, he isn’t in it for us.

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He left our health care to collapse.

Ford is trying to privatize the health care system while underspending on public health care by $3.1 billion. His conservatives passed a law in 2019 that allowed them to privatize a wide range of our health care services. Then, in the summer of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, they passed Bill 175. This removed all barriers to privatizing public home care. They also continued to issue licences to private care homes with track records of negligent care during the pandemic—resulting in tragic and preventable deaths.

Doug Ford completely left health care workers behind. The Progressive Conservatives passed Bill 124, which suppresses the wages of public service workers. Under this bill, those working in hospitals, non-profit long-term care homes, and ORNGE air ambulance cannot negotiate for fair and better pay. This has forced many healthcare workers to leave the profession, while those who remain on the frontlines are burnt out and underpaid.

We can’t let Doug Ford take our public health care away.

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He attacked Ontario’s education and social services.

In the last four years, Doug Ford underspent in education and social services by $2.4 billion. It’s clear he isn’t willing to support those who need it.

At the start of the pandemic, he didn’t provide emergency funding to school boards—leaving them to scramble and receive the support they needed from the federal government instead. In the months that followed he did not implement proper COVID-19 safety plans for schools, leaving students, teachers, and education workers in unsafe positions every day.

Ford has also made considerable cuts to social services during his time in office. In 2019, he cut the Ontario Disability Support Program and Ontario Works programs drastically, leaving people with disabilities or unable to find work without support to survive.

This election is our chance to end Ford’s damage and elect a leader that will fight for us.

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